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So this is how it goes...

Aug. 29th, 2009 08:46 am

i remember from a very long time ago a blog about a woman having an awful time taking her kids to the grocery store.  any ideas anyone??  it's been a couple years at least.  maybe even 5?

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Aug. 27th, 2007 01:52 am happy birthday to ya'll

yesterday was pretty cool...first party i'd been to in a long time.  happy birthday definitely goes out to Dannon and Josh!!

it was a political scandal party -- i went as enron. lol...very simple. =)

got drunk with my best friend from high school and people i hadn't seen in months.  they're good people!

best line last night: "why do you throw a baby before you throw a javeline?  so you have something to aim at."  lol.  oh rus. =)

well, i better get goin'!!  catch ya'll later.

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Jul. 9th, 2007 11:27 pm =(

oh btw, more good things that happened yesterday...

my car got towed..and for like 4 hours it cost $188...WTF?!!

okay so today I worked....Nicole didn't, however she did come in to see the screening for Harry Potter.  As you can see I'm not seeing it because I'm just not in the mood, I don't want to be around everyone who doesn't know about what's going on between me and Nicole (and besides, Jon wouldn't have been able to see the movie either so I'll just wait to see it with him).  Nicole didn't talk to me again today.  God, it's terrible feeling thinking that within the course of 2 months, I have potentially lost 2 best friends.  Lucky me, right?  Idk...i REALLY miss Nicole.  Today I heard her talking to someone about how she was not going to be going to my "AMC Party" which is supposed to be on the 16th.  Hearing that really hurt....I'm not even sure I want to throw a party anymore.  But people have already starting making up excuses to tell their parents--which makes cancelling a lot more difficult.

I wish I didn't have to rely on AMC.  I'm certainly not happy there anymore.  And I'm bound to work with Nicole more often, and if she's gunna give me the cold shoulder than I don't want to stay.

I tried saying something to her yesterday.  I was walking into the breakroom and I said, "Hey" to everyone and saw that she was sitting down in there so I nodded and said, "...and to you."  She didn't say anything.  I was so nervous.  I didn't want to say something that would make anyone question anything but I also wasn't expecting to see her in the breakroom and I couldn't think of anything else to say.

God, I fucking wish I could just take everything back.  All I was trying to do was make some duties that would help other employees.  But maybe I was in the wrong...I guess I shouldn't have bitched to everyone else.  But it's not like she doesn't bitch about other's work ethics...I just don't understand.  And I'm willing to just take the blame for everything if she'd be my friend again.  The other day I bought her a playboy bunny pink pillow from Spencers.  Nicole loves Playboy.  So tonight I left it on her car with a note that said "I'm sorry I fucked up".  I wonder what'll happen next.

BTW, i have to say it but Jon is amazing!!

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Jul. 8th, 2007 10:57 pm drama, drama, drama -- turn away now.

wow, okay...so my last post kinda sucked ALOT...and it's been quite sometime since I've posted. Hey, I've been busy.

Right now the big issue in my life--let's see Nicole and I aren't talking.

Cliffs Notes (My side)

  • Luke  makes duties.
  • Day 1: Nicole doesn't do duties.
  • Luke sends joking text message.
  • Day 2: Luke brings gifts and gets head chewed off.
  • Nicole doesn't do responsibilites.
  • Luke complains to other employees.
  • Nicole sends Luke an IM.
  • Nicole stops talking to Luke

Not exactly what I would like to do, but if that's the way she feels--I guess? I miss her. Lol...it's only been two days, but she's all I got really. I mean there is a new boy in my life (surprise, surprsie, right?) but yea, Nicole is an amazing friend. I love her to death and she's like the girl of my dreams if of course, i was straight)...but yea, she's great!
Okay, so why aren't we talking? It's so freakin' stupid.
Okay, so at work, when you are the closing concessionist your main responsibility (after you close) is to get everything ready for tomorrow (however all stock needs to be taken back and soforeth). A few of the duties include:

  1. Fill Ice Bin x 5
  2. Stock Candy Display x 5
  3. Fill Lid Holder x 7
  4. Take Out Trash Can x 5
  5. Return Cups and Bags to Stockroom

Okay, so it can get to be alot of work for one person so I decided a way to help out the closer (which at times is me) by having employees right before they leave to restock just their station (like going down the list 1-5 but just doing "x 1"). MUCH EASIER! I ran it by a manager and she liked it. I asked if we could give out "write-ups" (ie disciplinary actions) out to those who don't do these responsibilites. She said that since they were not very difficult tasks then absolutely. I'm not asking much here, just a little help. So I wrote it on the back board in the concession stand where all the concessionists see it.
The next day, Nicole gets out freakin' 2.5 hours early and doesn't do one thing. She just gets up and goes. So, I send her a picture message and the picture was of my note on the back board. At the bottom I typed "which did you do?" It was all in good humor, but still. I never got a response, I mean Mike (the guy whose phone I used to send the message) said she responded but I can't remember what was said. So, the next day or so it's 4th of July...we get slammed and we were VERY understaffed. I brought a couple donuts for people, ya know, for when they get a break. It was good. I bring one to Nicole and offer it to her and she just shakes her head and says, "no, no, no, no...no." And she didn't yell it or anything but I mean it was obvious she was unhappy and it SOUNDED like she was just biting my head off. Idk. So I back off though I was alittle upset that I do something nice and offer her a donut and all I get is a series of "no's"?
A couple hours later I see that she's still working 30 minutes over. She finally leaves and once again she does NONE of her duties.
The next day I ask her why she was so cranky and she wondered what I was talking about. I explained how I felt and she said it was because work was so busy and she was nauseated and chocolate would have made her throw up. I asked her if she could have said something nicer and jokingly said something "awww thank you luke...i'd love it but i'm just really not feeling well." She said that she would never say something like that and it kinda droped from there.
Day #3 or #4...idk.....whichever, yesterday she sent me a text message saying, "so I hear you've been talking shit about me at work"
I reply, "what are you talking about"
Nicole replies, ":everyone's been tellin me how you've been bitching because heaven forbid i didn't do my candy when i stayed 30 minutes later to do everyone's ice! didn't really need that or the smartass text
or the question why i was so upset the day we got slammed when i was hanging with lisa from you and katie the drama queen it was awesome and REALLY appreciated by the way"

End of story. (not really)
Now, I get to explain (woot!!)
Okay, yes...I bitched about Nicole not doing her candy on the 4th AND the day before...not just the fourth. Yes, she did stay longer to do ice but seriously there are soo many things that are more important than ice. And furthermore she could have asked me to do ice, while she filled her candy case (that works as a display -- when empty it looks tacky). And it doesn't matter that it only takes like 7 minutes to complete the desired tasks, the fact of the matter is she didn't do what she was supposed to do. She's a supervisor (as am I) and with her not doing things, then regular employees will go, "well nicole didn't do it so neither did i." I'm pissed that myself and others get stuck holding the bag. I get even more pissed when someone leaves 2.5 hours and does NOTHING that she was supposed to do. So yes, I bitched. I don't want people to not do their responsibilities and leave it to one person to do.

idk that's about it....there's more but i'm tired of writing right now.  maybe later.

end of story --she's still not talkin'.

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Jun. 18th, 2007 01:55 am NICOLE'S BACK!!

nicole's back! nicole's back!  *dances around*

yea, that's cool...she's only been gone for like 10 days, but i see her all the time at work, she's like my best friend...and i certainly have missed her.

i was moody at work today though...not at nicole, she made me smile...it was good=)  but at other co-workers that i had just been hangin' around lately with.  kyle mostly, lol.  i just needed to get away.

currently, i think i'm making a fool of myself with mike as i talk to him on aim--as I type this.  okay here's the story: mike likes alot of music that, well--it's not that i don't like them, i've just never heard of like 95% of the things he lists as his favorites...so finally he says to me something like "i like lady sov" and sends her music video on youtube.  i knew he meant lady soverign and i just figured it was a new video (new to me because i've only seen her "love me or hate me" video).  it was in fact was the video i had seen so i tried to be clever and kinda impress him by saying something (i know he had to think it was cheesy) like, "you'll always be my obsession") and i said it really quick so he'd be all like, "wow, i'm impressed" =)  who knows...but yea, i tried to explain all this to him in some shortened 10 word "response"...not good. lol

okay back to the real world...and not my "mike dream-land"....lol....

work was weird...maybe it was just that i was moody.  i love my job, gotta keep reminding myself.

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Jun. 13th, 2007 05:35 pm

so i totally got a flat tire today...woot!  don't know how it happened but the tire was DESTROYED!!!  So I called AAA and they told me that I had to wait 45 freakin' minutes for a guy to come change my tire (because Ms. Princess here doesn't know how to change a tire--that'll change VERY quickly.)  So I layed out, turned on some music and waited.  The guy seemed to be fairly quick (i don't think it took 45 minutes)...they got it fixed and I had to drive over to Tansky to drop off the destroyed tire and wait to get a new one.

Now, i'm here...and as I check my messages I see I got one from Chris....it says something to the effect of "wow, my life is soo amazing I'm in love with Ry."  Well if that doesn't make me feel REALLY awkward, i don't know what does.

So now, i Have to deal with that.  c'est la vie!!

Goin' putt-putt'ing with co-workers...it's gunna be a blast.

I miss Nicole!

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Jun. 9th, 2007 02:53 am Oh what a night.

I really shouldn't be posting to this...especially at this time because I have to be up at 7:30, but who cares.   First night out on the gay town in quite some time.  Went to the Arts Festival with my Mom and it was a blast...I downed about 6 of those little smirnoff twisted watermelon's which was really good.  It felt almost like Pride/Comfest (which I'm looking forward to tremendously!).  But yea, we went out had a great time and then James sends me a text message out of the blue and I meet up with him.  It was fun, went down to Coffee Table and just chilled.  I think I smoked way too many cloves...but they tasted good, so meh!  lol.

Afterwards we decided to go to Axis...it was X-Factor night so I ran into alot of people I knew...except the percentage of people there I knew very little.  Aren is having a mental break-down, I feel bad for him.  He's a great guy and deserves the best...especially when I found out that him and his best friend Kevin aren't talking anymore...they've been best friends for like 8 years.  Wow, that's gotta be really difficult.  I mean I was only friends with Ry for alittle over a year and it still hurts.  Speaking of Ry, everyone asked me about him.  It was hard to say "I haven't heard from him in over a month"--ESPECIALLY when this guy who really liked him, and Ry just kept ditching him.  Who knows.

James wanted more I think than I wanted tonight.  He's cool, but I'm afraid he was looking for alittle hookup action (of any kind) and I'm just not into that.  We had our moment, that was a long time ago...and I'm still alittle "meh" about the last time he wanted to hook up.  We were making out alittle bit and he went to go for more, and I told him that I wasn't into sex of any kind and he said, "well, what else is there to do?"  That kinda pushed me in the wrong way.

Random: I need to find my aviators.

I found out one of my managers might be going back to Lennox for awhile, which is great because this manager is kind of a jerk.  I've worked there just about two years and he told me that I needed to learn the theatre better.  I mean seriously!  I'm pretty much run the concession stand and that's my forte (with an accent however you do it.)  I talked to the GM and she said that she had a problem with me being an usher because I like the concession stand too much and I'm good at it.  As long as she's on my side, that's what I need.

Well, I'm off to take a shower, meh!  i've gott abe up in four and a half hours....woot.

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Jun. 8th, 2007 04:07 pm

So, it's official...Ry got a new myspace....he's only got four friends, one of them is a mutual friend (who I'm slightly surprised about...but c'est la vie).  I have a strong doubt that I'll be added.  I tried contacting him after our big argument...he told me that I could, but he never responded.  Our mutual friend Chris has pictures of him and Ry kissing with a caption saying, "i love him..."  Well, good for them=)  I wish them both the best of luck...it's just alittle disappointing that this all really had to happen.  The last things Ry said to me was something to the effect that within the past couple of months I have changed...I wish he would have said something about it earlier, but I guess everything happens for a reason, right?

I didn't have to work today which was different, I usually always open Fridays...but it was nice to sleep in because I had to go pick up my friend Erick from Jimmy Johns last night at 4 AM (UGH!)...he didn't even seem appreciative that I would go out of my way to pick him up and take him home.  What's wrong with people?

On a lighter side, I've made friends with the guys who work down at a little store close by and they let me buy alcohol, which is good...because even though I'm 20, finding connections is still difficult.  It's no liquor store (so I don't know if it's all diluted or such..) but it still works.  I got me some Smirnoff Watermelon YUMM!!!  I haven't had those in forever.

I miss Nicole too...my favorite co-worker and now best friend (she hasn't taken Ry's place (i don't think anyone really can)) but she's my partner in crime and she'll be gone for 10 days on vacation.  I'm jealous!!  And of course, when my girl leaves my manager gives me 43.5 hours for next week.  UGH!  wtf?!  at least my paycheck will be decent.  I need $$.

I like blogging, I think it's a great release...I'll catch ya later.  I'm gunna go check out the Arts Festival and perhaps the Park Street Festival...woot!!

Current Music: Rodney Atkins - If You're Going Through Hell

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Jun. 7th, 2007 11:49 pm start over?

i think the hardest part for me in writing on this things is figuring out what to start with. i thankfully got lucky tonight because I hadn't started an entry like so. I would enjoy "blogging" more, but I just never know what to start with. So many things go through my mind when I finally decide to blog. 

Life? Is that a normal topic...I guess so. That's what I used to blog about. Life's a little bumpy lately. Don't get me wrong, I'm stoked today is my last day of classes for a quarter (yea, I decided to take the quarter off. It'll probably end up biting me in the ass, but I need the quarter.) After doing poorly in my calculus class, it just brought me down. I'm going to classes to RAISE my GPA, not lower the damn thing. I secretly hope that I wont even need Calculus, but I mean it's pretty clear that Genetic Research will be in need of some math. 

But I mean, besides that, it's just alot of other things. I miss Ry (It's been a month and a day). He was my best friend...he lied -- "bullshitted" as he liked to call it -- like a bitch, and i'm sorry but that's a big pet peeve of mine. But I still miss him. He was the best friend when I always needed one. I don't really keep friends for all that long, well my longest friendship was like 4 years with a girl who I found out was madly in love with me. Needless to say it didn't work out too well.

But still, he was there for me...we were there for each other. He knew my secrets, I knew his. I know it sounds like we were the biggest lovers but we really weren't. Never actually.

Speaking of Ry, I got my haircut Saturday--this means something big because he's a hair stylist and he always did my hair. But yea, partially because it needed cut and partially because I thought he was going to be at this housewarming party that we I'm 99% sure we were both invited to. Yep, he wasn't there. I got him a Hairspray pin from the theatre (where I work)... 

The thing with Ry was just that he "bull-shitted" alot. I never could tell if he was telling the truth or not. I didn't really care for that. 

I miss my dog. Our oldest dog died a couple months ago...he was 14 years old...i think. His name was Bear. Dark doberman pincher that was always in the way, lol. It's weird, cause every now and then I think I see him, meh.

Okay, I know I'm dying to get this out...lol. I like Derek, there, I've said it.  (And no, it's not Derrick, I haven't lost all sanity--sorry Boo).

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Apr. 27th, 2007 07:43 pm oh boy! =)

So, I'm at home sick with bronchitis...first time i've had to call in sick from work in almost a year. I did not care for it. Thankfully my GM was awesome and totally understood. Especially since after I went to the Dr's they said I was very contagious *tear*

But thankfully, there's a boy that all I gotta do is think about him and I get feelin' better.

A simple choice,
Nothing more,
This or that,
Either or.

Merry-well, social world, business man,
Clever girl.
Or pin my future on a green-glass love.

What kind of life am I dreaming of?
I say,
Gimme, gimme,
Gimme, gimme,
Gimme, gimme that thing called love.
I want it.
Gimme, gimme that thing called love.
I need it.
Highs and lows, tears and laughter,
Gimme happy ever after.
Gimme, gimme that thing called love.

Gimme, gimme that thing called love.
I crave it.
Gimme, gimme that thing called love.
I'll brave it.
Thick and thin, rich or poor time,
Gimme years and I'll want more time.
Gimme, gimme that thing called love.

Gimme, gimme that thing called love.
I'm free now!
Gimme, gimme that thing called love.
I see now!
Fly dove, sing sparrow,
Gimme cupid's famous arrow.
Gimme, gimme that thing called love.

I don't care if he's a nobody!
In my heart he'll be a somebody!
Somebody to love me!!!
I need it!
Gimme that thing called love!
I want it!
Here I am St. Valentine,
My bags are packed I'm first in line.
Aphrodite, don't forget me.
Romeo and Juliet me.
Fly dove! Sing Sparrow!
Give me fat boy's famous arrow!
Gimme, gimme that thing called LOVE!!!

His name is Mike:

I WANT HIM! (more than just "kinda" *wink, wink*) He makes me feel wonderful. I am lucky=) I just gotta figure out how i'm gunna get down to Gainesville to see him. It'll happen!

Current Location: on the couch
Current Mood: sicksick with bronchitis
Current Music: Thoroughly Modern Millie - Gimme, Gimme

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